Adam Cohen | Setup Artist
Demo Reel
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This is where I will share MEL scripts I develop, and possibly full character rigs for people to play around with.  Also, I will post some miscellaneous work samples from time to time.
Work Samples
These are some samples of the work I did as a student at Full Sail Real World Education.  They demonstrate my capacity in other aspects of computer animation besides character rigging/setup.
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This is a very, very simple environment I did for a class assignment in shading & lighting techniques.  It turned out reasonably well. This is an animation exercise that I did to an audio clip from Spaceballs, providing my own acting.  "Blue Guy" is the star.
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This is another animation exercise: a fight scene.  This was an adaptation of a scene from Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai." This is a composite I did as an exercise with a partner using Shake, Maya and Vue d'Esprit.  A shot breakdown can be viewed here.